Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Soccer party

It was a great soccer season. The boys had the best time and loved every minute. Rowan had fun cheering them on and running out on the field. We love our kids and are always proud of them. Way to go boys you rocked.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Boys Soccer Pictures

It has been a great year so far. The boys are loving playing soccer, having there dad be the couch is so cool. Gavin is the super star of the team, he is a natural. Its like he has been playing his whole life, he is just so good. Soccer is his thing. Landon is really good too, but he likes to pull the other team mates down, more then kick the ball. He is young and will get it in time. They are both so cute and so fun to watch. Gavin hates when we cheer for him( he gets so embarrassed) and Landon will not play if your not cheering for him. They are so funny.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gap Casting Call

Help Landon!

Gap Casting Call
Help Gavin!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer Birthdays

So this is way past due, but i will do it anyways. Gavin and Rowan have had birthdays this summer. Rowan had hers first so here i go. She just turned two and is in LOVE with the little mermaid, so we had to have a mermaid party and we did.
Rowan hugging her mermaid doll.
she didn't like the candles at all, she wouldn't blow them out.
Rowan saying "pipeys" (pretty).

The cute cake i called all over for, no one had it but the last store i called.
Rowan got a Mr Potato Head, and she was putting on the glass.
Rowan getting her mermaid, she was happy but in the picture she was trying to push the button.

opening her presents.

I cant believe my baby is two, and how much she has grown. She is a big Mommy's girl wants me all the time. She loves her brothers, she calls Landon "landy" and Gavin is "bubeys". She is a BIG diva because when she wants something she will not wait for anyone. She is also really sweet if the boys are hurt or sad. She will run over and hug them and say " u go k"? She also loves to sing. No one can leave with out her, if you are going some where you have to sneak out or take her, because she will not let you walk out that door with out her. We love our little girl.

Gavin turned six in August. I have no idea when my first born child grew up. Every day i look at him and think it was just yesterday i gave birth to him and now he is six. This whole getting older thing isn't OK with me. Gavin wanted what he always wants and that is a transformer party. I had to tell him no, seeing how the last two years he has had a transformer party. But he quickly changed his mind to sponge bob, and so we had a spongebob cake and a candy party. Gavins Birthday fell on a Sunday this year so we didnt have a party for him with his friends but we will soon.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Memorial Weekend Late.

I know its late but i thought its better to do it late then never. So for Memorial weekend we went to Tahoe and stayed in a cabin. It was a really nice weekend we had so much fun, we didnt do a lot but we spent time together. The kids loved it, they ran around asking if we could stay at the cabin forever.

This is how Rowan ate her lunch.

Landon playing in the water

Gavin, the water was sooo cold but the boys got all the way in.

Me and my honey bee.

Rowan didn't even get her feet wet, she is so different from the boys. She is all girl sometimes.

Boys had the time of their life's, they didn't want to leave.

The kids on the dock.

Jared and his Row Row.

Jared and all the kids on the dock.

Memorial day, walking around south shore. Gavin loved all the statues, Landon and Rowan didn't want anything to do with them, but Landon did like this statues big belly. Gavin loved all the statues, we made Landon stand there and smile. poor Landon.

This one was Gavin favorite can you see why? Landon said "i will not stand by that lady she is inappropriate". oh Landon you are too cute.

Rowan and Landon at the cabin on the couch snugging.

Landon at the cabin.

The boys had their own bed room and this is the only thing they did.

Jared and Landon being silly.

The boys on the bed they shared.

All of us in the morning, the kids trying to get me out of bed so we can go play. We had so much fun, the kids loved it and it was so nice to just be together as a family.

Gavin lost his 3rd tooth.

Gavin lost his 3rd tooth and this one is big because it's his front tooth. Every time i see him it makes me sad, he's just growing up way to fast. I didn't think 5 year olds lost their front teeth but he did.
He had a little help because it was just hanging there.

See the soccer ball, this kid is never with out it .